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Concierge: Hide the Schedule Meeting pop-up if no one is available



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    Gaines Murfee
    • Chili Piper Team

    Great question Kelli.alagna! The answer is yes - we have an event that we will broadcast to the browser 'no-free-slots' when this happens, that you can add an eventListener to your web page and have some javascript redirect the page to another page of your choosing when this happens.

    Here's an example code snippet that will do this for you:

    // Listen to no-free-slots
    window.addEventListener("message", receiveMessage, false);
    function receiveMessage(event) {
    if ( === "no-free-slots") {
    //redirect to - URL below can be adjusted

    In the example above, we are redirecting the page to, but of course you could choose whichever page you would like to by replacing that value. 

    Here's an example gif of what that experience would look like for a prospect.

    There's been other customers in the past who have done some other clever things with this as well, such as:

    • Send an email alert to an admin user when this happens so that they can investigate further. 
    • Redirect the page or re-run another router that loads a group of users' calendars via a Round Robin, kind of like a 2nd chance to allow the prospect to still be able to book a time with other people on the team.

    If you're just looking to redirect the page away from the calendar, the example code supplied above should allow you to do that. If you're interested in exploring the more advanced options, I'd recommend having a chat with your Chili Piper CSM who can brainstorm/configure other options with you!

  • Kelli.alagna

    Stellar, thank you very much, Gaines!


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