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Twilio Integration - Ability to see open / click rate


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  • Chad Allard
    • Chili Piper Team

    Hey Steve,

    I can't really speak for Twilio's API too much, this would be more a question for Twilio - but I know that they offer tracking of SMS. From the sounds of it, you might need to build a custom tracker to parse through the information, and it mentions:

    Twilio, for example, programmatically gathers information about user-actions that relate to an SMS. So, using Twilio's API, you could build an application in which:

    - A user receives a passcode via SMS and enters it into a web site or app.
    - A user enters a temporary password.
    - A user replies to a message with a call or SMS.
    - A user clicks on a unique link contained in a message.

    The part where you can detect users clicking on unique links or replying to messages would be the interesting part. They do track "open rate" as well, technically - but it's mostly used for compliance and to detect if the user's phone is active or not.

    More here if you're interested:

    Maybe someone out there has done something with this already, or has something built already.


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