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Failing to Insert Company Name in Meeting Title of Calendar Invite



  • Jorge Ferreira Filho
    • Chili Piper Team

    Hey, Iris!

    Hope this message finds you well! Thanks for bringing this to the Community!

    I believe the form's Field Name wasn't working pretty well with the value below:

    I updated the Field Name to "company" and booked a quick test with you using the same link, and it worked! 🎉

    Something I may also advise is considering using a new form instead of the default one. Adding more context, the Default Form is more of a placeholder when new workspaces are created, so we always recommend creating a new one.

    Please let me know if you still run into any issues or notice anything odd; I can raise a support ticket from this conversation so we can track it over there.

    Thanks again for bringing this to the Community. I'm sure that this may help other users in the future! :) 

    Wish you a great day!


  • Iris Tomlinson

    This worked perfectly for me, Jorge! Thank you so much for the quick and thorough response :)

  • Jorge Ferreira Filho
    • Chili Piper Team

    That's great to hear, Iris! I'm really glad I could help!

    Count on us if you need any further assistance - our Customer Love team is also available at

    Wish you a wonderful day ahead!


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